This has been one of the most popular questions asked by my clients over the past year or two and I’m really not surprised! We are seeing posts left right and center about lash lifts and lash perms on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and various beauty blogs. Many beauticians have now added these treatments to their services as well because of the spike in popularity.

To answer this question simply, a lash lift is essentially an updated version of a lash perm, and I’m here to explain why..

Lash Perms are performed with a cylindrical rod which can produce beautiful rounded curls, there’s no doubt about that! However, before getting too excited its important to understand that because of the shape of the rod and the dramatic curls they produce, clients often feel like their lashes can appear shorter with a perm.

With a Lash Lift, besides curling the eyelashes, they also ‘lift’ each individual lash with the help of gently curved, silicone forms. These forms are much flatter than the rounded rods which are used in a perm. This results in lashes that often appear dramatically longer as well as curled. The lash lift forms come in a range of different sizes: Small, Medium or Large and the correct size would be chosen during your consultation based on the length or your natural lashes and the desired look you want.

Combine this treatment with a lash tint and it is a great way to enhance your natural lashes without the need for extensions. Lash Lifts also have minimal aftercare, whats not to love?!

There’s no doubt that both methods have their positives however, personally I would only recommend a lash perm over a lash lift if my client doesn’t mind compromising on the length of their lashes for a more dramatic curl.

Here is a great review from an AH! Beauty client after a lash lift with a tint..

I my first lash lift with Amy a few years ago now. I only started because I unfortunately developed an allergy to the glue used with the lash extensions and it was a great alternative. Although my lashes aren’t the longest I must say I’m really impressed with the lift. I used to have to curl my lashes everyday and when they got wet I’d have to do them again but the lift does all this for me. I was a bit sceptical at first but even after a bath my lashes are still curled and it lasts a good few weeks. If your thinking of having it done I’d say definitely go for it! You won’t be disappointed and Amy explains everything as she’s doing at and puts you at ease.

To find out more or ask me any questions about either treatment, send me a message through my Contact Page.

I look forward to hearing from you! Happy Lashing!