Spray Tanning Portsmouth

We all love that sun kissed look when we’ve just come back from a holiday abroad, but what about the rest of the year? There’s no need to give up the bronzed and healthy look to your skin just yet.  Spray tanning is a quick, easy and cost-effective solution to retaining your tan all year round.

I use the award-winning Fresh Indulgence spray tanning solution which is blended with aloe vera, and of course, paraben free. Hide those stretch marks and disguise that cellulite! With a variety of shades and tones, finding one to match your skin won’t be a problem.

This treatment takes roughly 20 minutes and is available in the comfort of your own home. Don’t wait for the sun to come out! Book Apollo Mobile Beauty for your spray tan in Portsmouth today.

Whether it’s a regular event, preparation for a big occasion or simply a treat, spray tans are the perfect way to achieve a sunless tan.

It is ideal for the solution to be left on for 8 hours minimum to develop, after this you can shower off the guide layer and you’ll be tan ready! Tanning solutions can range from 6% DHA for very fair skins to 16% DHA for people who like an extremely dark tan; so there is one to match everyone’s needs.

This treatment is 20 mins long in the comfort of your own home, and the tan can last up to 10-14 days.


If you’re in a hurry or booking a tan last minute, the fast tan is for you! With a minimum of 2 hours development time (compared to the standard 8 hours) the rest is up to you; the darker you want the tan the longer you wait before showering.

Light: 2 hours. Medium: 4 hours. Dark: 6+ hours. The solution will stop developing after 8 hours.


Spray tan booster drops deepen the colour of the spray tan solution, leaving you with a dark rich tan. Booster Drops do not effect the development time or routine, just the end colour.

Not suitable for those with pale skin tones.