Seasonal lash shedding – it really is a thing! Most annoying for us lash techs, seeing our beautiful work not lasting as long as it could, but a very good time to start educating our clients. So why do we lose more lashes in certain times of the year?

In Spring and Autumn, our bodies react to the changing seasons. Our bodies decide it’s time to shed our hair (including our lashes) faster than usual to adjust to the new temperatures and/or increase in sunshine.

We have on average 90-120 natural eyelashes. Usually we shed on average between 1-5 lashes per day, just like we shed 100 hairs from our head each day. So, if we average this to 3 lashes per day: in 1 week you will loose 21 lashes, in 2 weeks 42 lashes and in 3 weeks 63 lashes! Amazing eh? And in Spring and Autumn this may be noticeably more as our bodies adapt to the new seasons.

Of course, along with our natural lashes will come our precious eyelash extensions.

Sadly, for lash techs and clients alike there’s nothing we can do to prevent this, but my advice for these times of year would be shorter times between your infill appointments.

Don’t worry though, this will only last for one or two lash cycles and thankfully your lashes will be back to normal!