These 5 points will help prolong the life of your eyelash extensions and keep them looking fabulous for longer!

NO makeup. Make sure all eye makeup is removed prior to the eyelash extension appointment. This will make the lashes bond to their best ability.

Plan your day. Avoid getting your lashes wet for the first 24 hours after aBesides finding a beautician which suits your needs, it’s important to look after your eyelash extensions and prolong your lash life. Oh no, lash care doesn’t stop when your appointment is over i’m afraid.pplication. No saunas, steam rooms or pools on the same day. The extensions need that time to properly bond.

Avoid pulling or fiddling. This may cause overlapping of lashes and twisting. At appointments with me you will be given a free comb when your lashes are applied, use this instead of your fingers. Also they’re quite fun!

Buy a sealant to apply to your eyelash extensions every couple of days after your new set to keep oil off the lashes. These are available for retail from me.

Clean them to remove oils – natural oils build up too.. Know your skin type, if you have oily skin this will affect them more. Oil breaks down the adhesive used for the eyelash extensions.

Only use water-soluble products e.g. mascara (if needed) and oil free makeup remover. If you are not sure which brand is best, ask my advice below or through my contact page! I am also able to supply these.

No eyelash curlers. OUCH! Using these could not only hurt, but any pulling or tugging on the lashes will cause them to come out sooner, maybe even along with your natural lashes.

Tinting always at least 24 hours before. Make sure, if you need to tint your lashes that you don’t have the two treatments on the same day. If not every tiny bit of tint is removed it can cause a barrier and the eyelash extensions won’t bond fully to the natural lash.

Sleep on your back. This may seem like a crazy request but you’ll thank me when your lashes are kink free and untwisted!

Maintenance appointments are recommended for every 10-14 days depending on your lash shed cycle and the type of lashes applied. These appointments will be to straighten out any skeewiff lashes and replace any that you may have lost.

Are you obsessed with eyelash extensions too? If so, what are your tips?