We are often told that if our hair is ‘too short’ and bluntly cut it is impossible to have hair extensions. Well, last month AH! Beauty broke new ground and done the impossible with nano ring hair extensions. Some help was also needed from one of my great hairdresser friends Kate; here’s how we did it…


My client Helen started with a blunt cunt inverted bob (see first picture below). After a long chat at our free consultation we decided that nano ring hair extensions were the best way to go as these are so small and discrete and could be hidden very easily in Helen’s fair coloured short hair. Also, because the nano rings are so small we were able to fit more in which gives an even thicker and fuller look! We also went for 2 different tones of blonde so that the match would be perfect! (every little helps for blending multi-toned hair!)


A week later, once the hair had been custom ordered and delivered i then met with Helen again. I fitted all 200 strands of nano ring hair extensions in the two shades and we were both very pleased with the colour match.


But the day wasn’t over yet! We needed the help of my lovely friend and go-to hairdresser Kate to apply the finishing touches and blend those bad boys in!


And wow! What a job she did! The last two images below were taken by my client Helen who was so pleased with the outcome of her new longer and thicker hair!

Untitled design (2)


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