Hair Extensions Portsmouth

Are you having a bored hair day? Or maybe you just want longer, thicker hair? It sounds like you might need hair extensions. They can add colour, thickness and length to replenish the appearance of your hair and refresh your look.

I use 100% human Russian Remy AAAA+ hair which is the best out there. It has a fabulous natural wave and is super lightweight. Ombre/ Balayage extensions are also available as well as a range of waves and curls.

Consultations are FREE and you are able to choose any length or method of fitting. At the consultation we would discuss the methods best suited to your hair type, colour match and talk in depth about what you want and need from the hair extensions.

With regular maintenance appointments these hair extensions can easily last for 6+ months. Find your new style today! Book your FREE consultation for hair extensions in Portsmouth here.


Nano ring hair extensions are the latest development in hair extension application, they are 90% smaller than any other extension ring making them very discreet and comfortable to wear. Nano tip hair extensions are suitable for all hair types and are the most popular hair extension on the market today.

This method involves the placement of individual hair extension strands, secured using a tiny nano ring.  They are considered to be THE smallest method available, making them much less detectable and perfect for those with finer hair types.

Nano ring extensions are great for those who want low maintenance extensions, as they are very easy to maintain and remove. The nano ring method is applied using no heat, glue or chemicals.


Micro rings have earned themselves the title of one of the most trusted methods for hair extensions.  The micro ring method is applied using no heat, glue or chemicals.

They are very popular with first time hair extension wearers with thicker hair as they are so simple to maintain, move around and remove. The micro ring method is applied using no heat, glue or chemicals. Individual strands of human hair are held securely in place by tiny micro-rings with a soft silicon lining which helps to grip the hair in place and protect the hair from snags.

The hair used for micro ring extensions can be reused and re-bonded at maintenance appointments, making this method one of the most cost effective. Maintenance is usually required after 8-12 weeks.


Keratin bond hair extensions are the most well known of methods. They have been around for years and were one of the first methods to ever be created. Tried and tested over the decades, they are among the most trusted ways to add length to your hair.

The bonds of the hair extension is a natural source, it is not glue but a protein bond. When applied correctly, this causes no damage to the hair at all but gives a long lasting bond which grows down with your natural hair. Another great thing about keratin bond hair extensions is that your hair only needs to be at least 3-4 inches long, as they can be used very close to hair line as the keratin bonds are next to invisible to the eye.

New hair will be needed at maintenance appointments. However, these can be left in for 6 months or more before a change of hair is needed.


Micro Weft / LA weave is very similar to a the generic ‘weave’; However, it is braidless which provides a unique and flatter application. It is ideal for many hair types, and is quick and easy to apply.

The beaded track of micro rings that replaces the typical braid offers a much flatter position to the scalp, without the uncomfortable, and often damaging, tension of a braid. This sew in weft technique gives a durable fitting without glue or heat, with the added benefit of being able to re-use the wefts to re position many times.

The hair is prepared by interlocking the clients natural hair with a secure thread base and the weft hair is sewn to the base creating a ultra flat sew in!

Maintenance is required after 8 weeks, and the hair can be reused and tightened ready for another 8 weeks of long locks.