Now you’ve got your new and fabulous hair extensions, how do you look after them to keep them in top condition?

How long your hair extensions will last depends on how well they are cared for after fitting. Correct hair extension aftercare is essential to maintain the quality of your extensions and to help prolong their life. AH! Beauty uses ONLY the BEST QUALITY hair, so this combined with proper aftercare techniques will ensure YOU get the most out of your hair and your money! Failure to follow correct aftercare advice could cause damage to the hair extensions and decrease their lifespan.

With this in mind, I have put together a hair extension aftercare guide to help you make the right choices when it comes to caring for your hair.



Before washing ensure your hair and extensions are brushed through and tangle free. Wash your hair by massaging your head gently without rubbing or twisting. I recommend a sulfate free shampoo, this will not only leave your extensions feeling super soft but will also protect the colour in your own hair. My favourite sulfate-free shampoo is without a doubt Maria Nila which can be purchased from Sally Salon Services.

Conditioner is a must for the ends however you should avoid conditioner around the roots where the bonds are. Anything oily by the root area could cause premature ‘slippage’ of the bonds. After rinsing, gently squeeze out the excess water and pat your hair dry with a towel. Avoid ‘wrapping’ your hair and extensions in a towel.



Never brush wet hair fitted with extensions, especially if it is knotty. Before drying, I recommend using a leave-in spray conditioner. Revlon Equave is my absolute fave! It leaves your hair knot free and super soft!  Once you have used the leave-in spray, blow dry your hair extensions gently in a downwards motion. You may need to do this in sections depending on how much hair you have (feel free to use a round brush to add volume to your own hair on top). Once it is fully dry brush it through starting with the ends and working your way up. Always hold the extension bonds at the root when brushing the extensions.

AH! Beauty recommends using a LOOP BRUSH for brushing. The bristles on these brushes are looped and won’t snag on the bonds. If you are unsure on where to find one of these, they are available to purchase from me at your consultation.




The hair extensions used by AH! Beauty are of course 100% real human hair and therefore can be treated as your own when straightening, curling and styling. Please be mindful of what temperatures you put into contact with your hair, i recommend not using above 180 degrees for these tools as this will prevent unnecessary damage of your own hair and the extensions. When styling, you should always use heat protection sprays and leave in conditioners as mentioned above to help keep the condition of your own hair and the hair extensions at its best.



Before going to bed ensure your hair and extensions are fully dry. It is also a good idea to brush through your hair and extensions before bed to reduce any matting over night. It is also popular for clients to plait their hair before bed as this creates a beautiful wave in the morning AND reduces risk of knots! (especially if you’re anything like me and like to move around at night)



It is advised to plait your hair and keep it up and neat before taking part in these activities.

Please note that excess heat and and chlorine together can cause lighter shades of the hair extensions to alter in colour. If in doubt, it’s best not to risk it and keep your hair up and out of the way.



You should have your extensions checked by AH! Beauty after every 8 weeks wear, or when you feel it needs it!

This is to ensure the extension bonds are still in perfect position. Any that have slipped down in this time due to hair growth will be moved up, and any matting combed out. If there are any damaged hair, these can also be replaced at the appointment.


If you are already a client of mine and in doubt about hair extension aftercare, don’t hesitate to ask me! Or if you are thinking about getting hair extensions send me a message on my contact page and take advantage of a FREE CONSULTATION.