Eyelashes Portsmouth

Want to treat your eyelashes? AH! Beauty is the one stop shop that comes to you for all your lash needs. We offer a wide range of eyelash extensions from bold strip lashes and clusters to natural looking individuals; as well as lash lifts to enhance your natural lashes.

Eyelash Extensions are the fastest growing beauty treatment in the UK. It’s not surprising when you consider the amount of looks you can achieve, with a variety of lengths and thickness to choose from, there is a lash style for every occasion. Perfect for proms, weddings, nights out or just because you need a treat!

Lash Lifts are swiftly becoming very popular among those who want a more natural look when it comes to enhancing their eyelashes.

No matter which lash style you choose I only use the best quality products on the market and practice the most modern techniques, so your lashes will always be on trend.

With regular infill appointments, eyelash extensions can last for well over a month. Why not give them a try? Book your eyelash treatment in Portsmouth today.

Please bare in mind that a patch test will be required for this treatment at least 48 hours before your appointment, so please consider this when booking.


These are the main and most popular method of applying the eyelash extensions. By individually adhering them to your natural eyelashes one-by-one it creates a natural and wispy effect to your lashes.

There are multiple lengths and curls to choose from so you’ll be sure to find a look that suits you. Individual eyelash extensions are perfect for day to day wear because of their more natural look.

This treatment takes roughly 45-60 mins and lasts up to 2-3 weeks before infills or removal is needed.


Cluster extensions create a bold and dramatic look and look quite similar to strip lashes, but they last a lot longer. Each individual lash has a cluster of 6-8 lashes on it, which creates a flared look.

Even though, all cluster lashes are bold and dark, there are many lengths to choose from to create the best look for your eye shape. These are best for nights out, festivals or events!

Cluster extensions can last up to 10-14 days before needing infills or removal.


Strip lashes are quick and easy to apply, within minutes you can have full and fluttery lashes. They are perfect for nights out, festivals or events.

There is a selection of lashes ranging in lengths, thickness and styles. The lashes I use are also reusable, so can be kept for future events.

Strip lashes are recommended for 1-2 days use only at each time.


Lash lifting is incredibly popular, and is an excellent alternative to eyelash extensions. There’s no surprise why either, they are perfect for the client who wants to enhance their own natural lashes.

This treatment is curling (lifting) and tinting of your own eyelashes; this will give the appearance of thicker, longer lashes that can last up to 8 weeks.

Say goodbye to your mascara, and hello to natural beauty.