There are so many looks and styles that micro ring hair extensions can help to create. At lot of people think that hair extensions are just for adding length but the possibilities really are endless! You can add different colours, textures, just add thickness or even create different styles completely.

Take my hair for example in the image above; I started with a dark chocolate brown base all over and to be quite honest I was getting rather bored of having just one tone in my hair. Instead of damaging my hair by bleaching and colouring (i’ve done enough of that in the past) i decided to add in a few caramel coloured micro ring hair extensions to create this look, and I LOVE IT!

I only added 25 strands before taking this picture above as I wanted the the highlights to be quite soft and subtle. But since then, I love it so much that I have bought another 25 strands which I will be adding this week at some point. oops… i’m addicted. Keep your eyes peeled for an update!

I could have also used nano ring extensions which really are tiny; but as my hair is thick enough naturally the micro rings can still be hidden well, even with my hair up! (which in this weather and with doing my job it’s a must!)

This is a great way of changing your style especially if you are as indecisive as me! These micro ring hair extensions can be applied and reapplied with ease and are so easy to maintain; there’s also the added bonus of no damage from bleach or colouring!

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Remember, life isn’t always perfect but your hair can be..