The following pre-tan advice is absolutely essential to get the best results from your spray tan!


  1. Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate! I cannot say it enough. Buff away dry skin before treatment with a gentle exfoliator. This will make your tan last much longer by revealing fresh new skin.


  1. Wax/ shave/ pluck at least 24 hours before treatment. This is to allow the pores to close in time.


  1. Moisturise generously the day before, ideally overnight. This will prevent dryness and provide a perfect tanning base.


  1. Rinse off any products, perfumes, oils, moisturisers, deodorant and makeup before attending your spray tanning appointment.


  1. Dark and loose cotton fabrics are ideal wear before and after your spray tan. This will stop any of the guide colour coming off onto your clothes.


If you have followed all the above steps there is no reason why you cannot achieve a beautiful sunless tan.


Once the spray tan has been applied by your beautician, it needs 8 hours to develop (based on the solution I use). During this time it is important to not get the tan wet; this includes saunas, steam rooms or doing the washing up!


After the 8 hours, you will need to shower off the guide top layer and your flawless tan will be underneath!


Do not exfoliate straight after the tan has been applied (only if you want to take it off!) and moisturise everyday keeping your skin hydrated, this really will make your spray tan last longer and fade evenly.

For products on how to extend the life of your spray tan or to book your spray tan appointment, please contact me.